Story Summaries

Holding On: Samantha is almost 16 years old. Her birth mother Rebecca commited Suicide and now Sam is on the run. Will Brooke find her and bring her home? If she does, can these two women get back to the way they used to be or will they have to start all over again. (Complete-28 chapters. Being Edited)

Not Just Sisters: We are more than just acquaintances…it’s as if we are cut from the same fabric. Even though we appear to be sewn in a different pattern, we have a common thread that won’t be broken, by people or years or distance. (In-Complete, writing in progress)

Whatever it Takes: Brooke and Lucas Scott recieve news that they can’t have children so they turn to adoption. They meet James Walker and take an instant liking. James sister, Sam is alone and wants what’s best for her brother. By helping him can she help herself as well? (In-Complete, writing in progress)


There’s Always Tomorrow: A cute one-shot involving Julian, Sam, Brooke and Jack.

The Perfect Gift: Brooke’s 24th birthday and she is celebrating without one particular person and it’s killing her. What happens when that one person shows up?

The Essay That Changed My Life: It’s been a few months since Sam left Brooke’s. She isn’t really happy but will one topic for an Essay change her life for good? One-shot for Brooke and Sam.

Not So Lonely Halloween: I was inspired by Halloween so I decided to write a small One-shot for Sam and Brooke.

I Win: One-Shot…there is no real plot…just fun and games….Some comedy between Brooke and Sam.

Call Me Troubled: Takes place a year after Sam left Brooke’s house…What has Sam been up to since living with Rebecca? What will Brooke do when she finds out.

Be My Valentine: Sam dreads Valentine’s day, but what happens when a secret admirer makes himself known.

An Unbreakable Bond: A Mother’s Day One-shot for Brooke and Sam.

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